Ecological Safety of Coastal and Shelf Zones of Sea. Current issue: No.2, 2024

Full issue (PDF)


Yu. N. Goryachkin Anthropogenic Impact on the Coastal Zone of Koktebel Bay (Black Sea) over the Last 100 Years (pp. 6–22) PDF
I. G. Shokurova, N. V. Nikolsky, E. D. Chernyshova Seasonal Variability of Horizontal Gradients in the North Atlantic Large-Scale Thermohaline Frontal Zones (pp. 23–38) PDF
S. A. Piontkovski, Yu. A. Zagorodnyaya, I. M. Serikova, I. A. Minski, I. V. Kovaleva, E. Yu. Georgieva Interannual Variability of Physical and Biological Characteristics of Crimean Shelf Waters in Summer Season (2010–2020) (pp. 39–59) PDF
A. Yu. Belokon, V. V. Fomin Characteristics of Storm Waves in Laspi Bay (Black Sea) Based on Results of Numerical Modeling (pp. 60–75) PDF
А. V. Parkhomenko, Е. F. Vasechkina, А. А. Latushkin Analysis of Hydrological and Hydrochemical Factors of Bottom Phytocenosis Transformation near Cape Kosa Severnaya (Black Sea, Sevastopol) (pp. 76–90) PDF
M. A. Siniakova, J. V. Krylova, L. V. Bronnikova Biogenic Elements in the Waters of the Eastern Gulf of Finland According to the Results of Studies 2020–2022 (pp. 91–106) PDF
Le Thu Thuy, Tran Hong Con, Nguyen Trong Hiep, Vu Thi Minh Chau, Le Minh Tuan, Do Hoang Linh Environmental Hazard Assessment of Storage Conditions of Wastes from Mining and Processing of Arsenopyrite Minerals (pp. 107–121) PDF
M. V. Bufetova Influence of Sedimentation Processes on the Dynamics of Cadmium Compounds in Water and Bottom Sediments of the Sea of Azov in 1991–2020 (pp. 122–136) PDF
T. B. Sigacheva, T. V. Gavruseva, E. N. Skuratovskaya, M. P. Kirin, N. A. Moroz Safety Assessment of the Ultrasound Equipment Effect on the State of Some Fish Species of the Black Sea (pp. 137–152) PDF
L. V. Ladygina, A. V. Pirkova Dynamics of Allometric and Weight Parameters of the Black Sea Scallop Flexopecten glaber ponticus (Bucquoy, Dautzenberg & Dollfus, 1889) During Cage Farming (pp. 153–164) PDF