Ecological Safety of Coastal and Shelf Zones of Sea. Current issue: No.4, 2020


Yu. N. Goryachkin, A. P. Fedorov, V. V. Dolotov, V. F. Udovik Natural Conditions and Anthropogenic Change of the Coastal Zone in the Area of Kacha Village (pp. 5-21) PDF (in Russian)
V. P. Evstigneev, N. A. Lemeshko, V. A. Naumova, M. P. Evstigneev Climate Change Induced Uncertainty of Wind Energy Potential for the Azov and Black Seas Coastal Zone (pp. 22-39) PDF (in Russian)
А. D. Rybalko, S. A. Myslenkov Assessment of Current Influence on the Wind Wave Parameters in the Black Sea based on Numerical Modeling (pp. 40-53) PDF (in Russian)
E. S. Eremina, E. E. Sovga, S. V. Stanichny, V. A. Mikhailov Dynamics of Reed Vegetation Area in the Sivash Gulf (Sea of Azov) according to Satellite Data (pp. 54-65) PDF (in Russian)
Yu. D. Shuisky Natural Conditions of the Dniester River in its Lower Current (pp. 66-77) PDF (in Russian)
A. S. Kuznetsov Structure of the Coastal Current Direction Bimodality at the Southern Coast of Crimea in 2002–2008 (pp. 78-88) PDF (in Russian)
Yu. V. Artamonov, E. A. Skripaleva, N. V. Nikolsky Spatial Structure and Intra-Annual Variability of Weddell Sea Front based on the Data of NOAA OISST Reanalysis (pp. 89-102) PDF (in Russian)
D. A. Kremenchutskii, G. F. Batrakov, Y. S. Kurinnaya Temporal Variability of Bismuth-214 Activity Concentration in the Atmospheric Surface Layer of Sevastopol Region (pp. 103-116) PDF (in Russian)
E. A. Kotelyanets, K. I. Gurov Influence of Bottom Sediments Physicochemical Characteristics on Distribution of Microelements in the Crimean Shelf Water Areas (pp. 117-129) PDF (in Russian)
I. E. Timchenko, E. M. Igumnova, A. S. Beskorovayny Ecological Safety and Economic Profitability of a Recreation Object in the Coast – Sea System (pp. 130-143) PDF (in Russian)