Ecological Safety of Coastal and Shelf Zones of Sea. Current issue: No.2, 2020


A. N. Morozov, E. V. Mankovskaya Cold Intermediate Layer of the Black Sea according to the Data of Field Research in 2016–2019 (pp. 5-16) PDF (in Russian)
V. S. Kochergin, S. V. Kochergin Recovery of the Concentration of Suspended Matter in the Upper Layer of the Sea of Azov Based on a Variational Algorithm for Assimilation of Measurement Data (pp. 17-27) PDF (in Russian)
E. E. Lemeshko, E. М. Lemeshko Arctic Ocean Level Trends (pp. 28-40) PDF (in Russian)
I. S. Podymov, T. M. Podymova, N. V. Esin Infrared Radiation of Thermal Anomalies and Radon Fluctuation Anomalies Preceding Two Earthquakes in the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea (pp. 41-52) PDF (in Russian)
V. V. Fomin, A. A. Polozok Wind Wave Regime in the Area of Balaklava Bay (pp. 41-52) PDF (in Russian)
P. D. Lomakin, A. I. Chepyzhenko, Е. А. Grebneva Fields of Oceanological Characteristics in the Abramova Bay (Sevastopol) in November 2019 (pp. 68-79) PDF (in Russian)
O. A. Yunev Second-Phase Eutrophication of the Black Sea Shelf (pp. 80-91) PDF (in Russian)
L. V. Verzhevskaya, R. Yа. Minkovskaya Structure and Dynamics of Anthropogenic Load on the Coastal Zone of the Sevastopol Region (pp. 92-106) PDF (in Russian)
S. I. Kondratev, A. V. Vidnichuk Local Seasonal Hypoxia and Hydrogen Sulphide Formation in the Bottom Waters of the Sevastopol Bay in 2009–2019 (pp. 107-121) PDF (in Russian)
N. V. Burdiyan, S. V. Alyomov Аnaerobic Bacteria in Coastal Sediments of the Troitskaya Bay (Sevastopol, the Black Sea) (pp. 122-130) PDF (in Russian)
Zh. P. Selifonova, O. N. Burkatsky, S. V. Baykin, E. Z. Samyshev Peculiarities of Distribution in the Novorossiysk Bay of Recent Invasive Species Streblospio Gynobranchiata Rice Et Levin (Polychaeta : Spionidae) (pp. 131-139) PDF (in Russian)
E. A. Kotelyanets, T. V. Khmara Content of Trace Elements and Heavy Metals in the Dnieper-Bug Bottom Sediments (pp. 140-151) PDF (in Russian)