Individuals who have made a significant contribution to the study and writing of an article and meet the criteria specified in the section "Publication ethics" are listed as authors, whereas individuals who do not meet these criteria are not listed.

The Editorial Board considers that all authors, when submitting an article to the Ecological Safety of Coastal and Shelf Zones of Sea, have read the information for authors, accept the requirements of the Journal, and have agreed on all components of article content, including the list of authors and statements of authors' contributions. The corresponding author should ensure that the list of authors is correct, agree on the submission of the manuscript to the Journal with them, and arrange communication between the Journal and all co-authors before and after publication. The corresponding author is also responsible for submitting all necessary documents (Consent to Personal Data Processing, Licence Agreement, Statement of Conflict of Interest, Organisation Referral, Statement of Expert Opinion on the possibility of publication).

By submitting an article to the Journal, the authors guarantee that they have exclusive rights to the article material submitted for publication. When submitting a manuscript, the corresponding author must indicate if the article contains material (e.g., figures, tables, text) that has been published elsewhere previously and provide written permission from the copyright holders to reuse such material.

After acceptance of the article, the corresponding author is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of all components of the manuscript, including co-authors' names, addresses, and affiliations.

After publication, the corresponding author is the contact person for matters relating to the published article. They should inform all co-authors of any issues with the published article and ensure that these issues are promptly resolved. Authors of printed material are required to inform the Journal immediately if they become aware of any aspects requiring correction.

Any changes to the list of authors after submission, such as changing the order of authors, deleting or adding authors, should be approved by each author.

For unambiguous identification, authors should provide their Open Researcher Identifier (ORCID); other identifiers (Scopus Author ID, WoS ResearcherID, RSCI AuthorID) are also possible.

Each author should indicate their principal place of work, i. e. the institution, where the major part of their work was conducted.