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Ecological safety of coastal and shelf zones of sea

According to a research area the collected scientific papers «Ecological safety of coastal and shelf zones of sea» is the successor to the collected scientific papers «Ecological safety of coastal and shelf zones and comprehensive use of shelf resources» which was published scince 2000. Overall from 2000 to 2014 it was published 29 issues.

The founder of the collected scientific papers is the Federal State Budget Institution of Science "Marine Hydrophysical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences" (Sevastopol). The collected papers have been registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (registration certificate ПИ № ФС77-62533 from 31 July 2015) and are included in the Russian Index of Scientific Citation (RISC).

ISSN 2413-5577

The collected papers involve the results of research carried out by Russian and foreign scientific organizations in the coastal and shelf zones of oceans and seas in the following general directions:

  • scientific basis of comprehensive use of shelf resources;
  • condition and variability of the sea environment;
  • condition and variability of the coastal zone, coast-protecting structures;
  • monitor and forecast of possible consequences of anthropogenic impacts;
  • new technology of development and introduction to control and monitor a sea environment.

The purpose of study is the information about the state, variability and the possible consequences of human activities and anthropogenic impacts in the coastal and shelf areas of the sea, as well as the means to carry out numerical calculations and informational support of problem-solving on the implementation of activities in the coastal zone.

It is oriented on wide circle of specialists in geography, oceanology, and sea ecology.

Periodicity is 4 issues per year, volume is 100 pages.


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Ecological safety of coastal and shelf zones of sea
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